2018 TBR & Read My Shelf Challenge

Another year, another thousand books I “meant to read.” I do not exaggerate when I say that every single January, I PROMISE myself I’m going to read on some kind of schedule and pack as many books into this brain as I can and every year, I fail miserably at it. This year, I have a list of 52 books and a few extra if I get to them; when I wrote the list I was feeling very productive and ambitious, we’ll see if it lasts until December ’18. Since 2017 was apparently the year of starting series and not finishing them, I’ve got them all on the list. This way, next January, I’ll have a clean slate and in the meantime, I can get you guys some pretty cool reviews on books I should have read a year ago! Fun for all. Here goes!

Mountain Man – Keith C. Blackmore
Mountain Man (Volume 1)
Safari (Mountain Man Book 2)
Hellifax (Mountain Man Book 3)
Well Fed (Mountain Man Book 4)

I was turned on to Blackmore’s post-apocalyptic trilogy by a short story called The Hospital that was free on Audible. I’m not really a post-apocalypse/zombie girl but I totally loved it and I bought the Mountain Man Omnibus an embarrassingly long time ago, I’m probably going to tackle this soon though because I’m super excited about it. and no wait for new books because I bought the whole trilogy with one credit!

The Pillars of Reality – Jack Campbell
The Dragons of Dorcastle (The Pillars of Reality, Book 1) have read
The Hidden Masters of Marandur (The Pillars of Reality, Book 2)
The Assassins of Altis (The Pillars of Reality, Book 3)
The Pirates of Pacta Servanda (The Pillars of Reality, Book 4)
The Servants of the Storm (The Pillars of Reality, Book 5)
The Wrath of the Great Guilds (The Pillars of Reality, Book 6)

The Legacy Of Dragons – Jack Campbell
Daughter of Dragons (The Legacy of Dragons Book 1)
Blood of Dragons (The Legacy of Dragons Book 2)

This is one of the series I mentioned in my 2017 recap, which you can find here. I’m super excited to read the rest of the series, and The Legacy of Dragons is about their daughter. You may not know that I love second-generation continuations but now you do. ❤

Spells, Swords and Stealth – Drew Hayes
NPCs (Spells, Swords, & Stealth Book 1) have read
Split the Party (Spells, Swords, & Stealth) (Volume 2)
Going Rogue (Spells, Swords, & Stealth) (Volume 3)

NPC’s was super cute and I blew through it really quickly, I loved the double-setting of the D&D game and inside the game, so to speak.

The Inheritance Cycle – Christopher Paolini
Eragon (Inheritance Cycle, Book 1) have read
Eldest (Inheritance Cycle, Book 2)
Brisingr (The Inheritance Cycle, Book 3)
Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle, Book 4)

Also featured in my recap, I’ve talked about this one enough already. Eldest will definitely be in my February TBR!

Transitions – R.A. Salvatore
The Orc King: Transitions, Book I have read
The Pirate King: Transitions, Book II have read
The Ghost King: Transitions, Book III am reading

The Neverwinter Saga – R.A. Salvatore
Charon’s Claw
The Last Threshold

The Sundering – R.A. Salvatore
The Companions: The Sundering, Book I

Companions Codex – R.A. Salvatore
Night of the Hunter
Rise of the King
Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf

Homecoming – R.A. Salvatore
Archmage (Forgotten Realms)
Maestro (Forgotten Realms)
Hero (Legend of Drizzt)

The Sellswords – R.A. Salvatore
Servant of the Shard
Promise of the Witch-King
Road of the Patriarch

This is sort of a difficult one for me to write about. Some of you who know me personally may know that I experienced quite a bit of death and grief in 2017, and one of those was a dear friend of mine who introduced me to Legend of Drizzt in the first place a few years back. I was on book 17/30, The Orc King when he passed. I’ve opened and closed this book no less than 15 or so times since his passing in late September and I’ve finally gotten to a point where I can continue with the series, albeit sadly. I’ll always think of him when I hear Victor Bevine’s voice reciting Drizzt’s inner monologues but I feel confident that should I stop reading the series, I’d lose a little part of us that I want desperately to hold onto.

Caster Chronicles – Kami Garcia
Beautiful Darkness (prequel)
Beautiful Creatures have read
Dream Dark: A Beautiful Creatures Story
Beautiful Chaos
Beautiful Redemption

I started this one last year and I really enjoyed the first one. I’ve gotten partway through the second but by the time I finished Beautiful Creatures, I was a little burnt out. Looking forward to starting Beautiful Chaos again soon!

The King Killer Chronicles – Patrick Rothfuss
The Name of the Wind
The Wise Man’s Fear

I’m embarrassed to say this was an #epicbuddyread on Litsy and I have not kept up with it at all, I started late and I was so behind in the discussions that I put it down but it’s in my March TBR for sure!

The Enslaved Chronicles – R.K. Thorne
Mage Slave (The Enslaved Chronicles Book 1) have read
Mage Strike (The Enslaved Chronicles Book 2)
Star Mage (The Enslaved Chronicles Book 3)

As described in my recap post, I ADORED this first book and I may have to throw this into my February TBR just so I can continue to follow Aven and Miara through their adventures 🙂

The Elder Scrolls – Greg Keyes
The Infernal City
Lord of Souls

If you know me beyond my posts, you know that I can not get enough of Skyrim. I’m not necessarily an Elder Scrolls fanatic, but a few years ago my brother came home for the weekend from college to visit and while he was here, he installed Skyrim on my computer with the understanding that he would uninstall it before he left. Having missed out on Morrowind and Oblivion, I didn’t think it would interest me at all, but lo and behold, a week later I noticed it hiding in my program files -___- I was hooked within half an hour or so, despite having a Steam library full of games to be played. I’ve wanted to read these books for a while so here’s hoping I can sneak in some fantasy gaming lore in this year amongst the rest of them.

Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars : Ghosts of Ascalon
Guild Wars: Sea of Sorrows
Guild Wars: Edge of Destiny

This has been an intended buddy read between myself and a long distance friend for a year or two now, I’m determined to get this in by the summer!

Orphan X/Evan Smoak – Gregg Hurwitz
Orphan X: A Novel have read
The Nowhere Man: An Orphan X Novel have read
Hellbent: An Orphan X Novel have read

Ahhhh, my daring Evan Smoak. I’ve touched on him already but I have such exciting news! By the time any of you read this, my brother and I will LITERALLY BE STANDING IN FRONT OF GREGG HURWITZ HIMSELF AT A BOOK SIGNING/VODKA TASTING. I’m allergic to vodka so I’ll either abstain or I’ll take some kind of non-drowsy allergy pill beforehand. Mostly I’m afraid that by tasting all these fancy vodkas I’ll develop a taste for fancy vodka and die of anaphylactic shock sometime next week. The things I do for the love of books!

Single Books

Valiant: A Modern Faerie Tale
The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air) have read

So, it’s not a secret that I am lowkey madly in love with Holly Black and I can’t wait to get my hands on her new book. Also somehow I never got around to reading Valiant, not sure how that is but I threw it in here because the Kaye/Roiben universe feels incomplete without the story. Additionally, I’ve heard such good things about The Nightingale! I love all things French so I’m hoping it’ll be a good read. As for Serena, I wasn’t all that fond of it when I tried to read it the first time. It was almost a bail but I hope it’s just slow to action and later in the year when I pick it up again, I can appreciate it more.

There you have it, my darlings, my overly-ambitious reading schedule for this year! I’m super excited to work my way through the rest of the Drizzt series (as will be my brother because he’s gotten several books ahead of me while I poked around) and there are so many more here that I’m stoked about! Stay tuned for my book signing post, and everyone please pray with me that I do not pee my pants in excitement upon seeing Gregg Hurwitz.

With Love,

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