Book Signing and Vodka Tasting With Gregg Hurwitz!

So, I branched out back in 2016. I read my first Crime Fiction/Thriller/007 type book. And I fell hopelessly in love with Evan Smoak, as I’m sure everyone else did when Orphan X released and we got to meet the scared but still tough 12-year-old boy and then the deadly AF grown man who grew out of that boy with the help of his handler, Jack. I blew through Orphan X in a matter of days and then bought my brother a copy, which was left untouched for almost two years (the bastard). I pre-ordered The Nowhere Man as soon as it was available for pre-order on Audible and tore through that one too. A few months ago when I heard about the third book in the series, I immediately began shamelessly stalking Gregg Hurwitz’s social media accounts in the hopes that I’d get a release date. While scrolling through one day two months ago, I wondered aloud if there would be a book tour and did a quick search and to my absolute delight, there was to be a BOOK SIGNING AND VODKA TASTING at Half Price Books Dallas on the first. I was STOKED. I ran into the living room and informed my brother that we were going. My brother had just finished Orphan X and we were hunting all over the place for a physical copy of The Nowhere Man to take to the signing so we would have the whole set signed. I found exactly ONE copy at a Half Price Books an hour and away and one night before work we drove to pick up the book I had put on hold.

I’m happy to say the signing was a success, at least from my perspective. Gregg was a great dude, super funny, very personable. Additionally, the vodka was great. One of my favorite things about the series is the branding, Hurwitz gives just enough detail about Evan’s alcohol, equipment and accessories to add flavor but not so much that you feel like you’re being trained in gunsmithing or armory or fancy watch fobs. DASH vodka was mentioned in the later parts of The Nowhere Man, an organic wheat and raisin vodka made here in Texas that Evan particularly likes. It’s super good, I tried some (even being allergic to most vodka) and it didn’t make me itchy at all. Win-win!

As for Hurwitz himself, although I’m still salty about him breaking my heart at the end of Hellbent (which I just finished this morning *sob sob*), was a great speaker and an even better conversationalist. He told us a super sweet story about the close friend that was the inspiration for Tommy, Evan’s weapons expert and resident gruff badass. He mentioned the film rights and Bradley Cooper (EEEEE!), we were slow to ask questions at first but we did all warm up toward the middle. My brother expressed interest in custom building Evan’s Wilson Combat 1911, which I really can’t wait to see and it may be said here that he is gathering information and a definitive part list as we speak (seriously though, he’s in the living room right now trying to decide on a 4.25 or a 5 frame)

All in all, the signing was great, Hurwitz was great, the vodka was great too. Unfortunately, my toolbag brother announced to the whole event that I don’t like George Orwell, so I’m pretty sure I’ll never be allowed in that HPB ever again.

What is your favorite Thriller/Crime Fiction novel? Have you read the Orphan X series yet? Drop your answers in the comments!

With love,


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3 thoughts on “Book Signing and Vodka Tasting With Gregg Hurwitz!

  1. Alcohol, now there’s a great way to loosen up a Q&A!

    My favorite thriller novels are the Reacher books but when it comes to crime I go completely off the wall with Tim Dorsey and the trivia-loving, good-guy serial-killer from Florida who is Serge A. Storms.

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