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Happy March my lovelies! I’ve been slow about it but here’s my very first TBR post so that y’all can hold me fully accountable for my book challenge this year! Seriously though. I’m determined to #readmyshelf this year so that 2019 can be the year of new things! Here’s the lineup that I’ve got for this month!

Week 1: The Ghost King: Transitions, Book III am reading by R.A. Salvatore am reading and The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air) have read by Holly Black have read

It’s been a long road for me with the Transitions trilogy, really. For several reasons, it took me a full year to get just the first book read. For those of you who read or have read the series, you know that The Orc King is basically the conclusion to all of the orc troubles and we’re fresh out of the constant tragedy and heartbreak of The Hunter’s Blades. I’ve touched on this before, but between losing one of my closest friends who introduced me to the books, the barrage of deaths, near-deaths, and injuries to my favorite characters and the general hopelessness of the prior three books, I wasn’t jumping to read Transitions at all and gave serious thought to putting down the series entirely. Another problem I had was the narrator. Most of you know that for the past few years I’ve been almost exclusively doing Audible and all of a sudden with the Transitions series, they switched narrators. Mark Bramhall is a fabulous narrator but when you’ve spent two years hearing and getting used to the characters in the voice of Victor Bevine, to say nothing of Mr. Bramhall’s unique pronunciation of certain words, it throws you off something fierce. Not only was I wholeheartedly resentful of them switching narrators on me, but I wasn’t really in love with the way Mark Bramhall was narrating my second favorite series in my entire library. The books are entirely too close to my heart for me to enjoy the sudden switch and as a result, it’s taken me over a year to get through the three books. I’m getting used to it, but I won’t lie to y’all, I’ll be glad to get Victor Bevine back for The Neverwinter Saga.

On a completely unrelated note, I FINALLY got my hands on The Cruel Prince. I only started working my way through it last night at work so I’m only about three hours in but I’m already in love with Jude and I don’t even totally hate her surrogate father. I’m definitely excited for a whole new series! I love Holly Black, and I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about her so I won’t go into detail in this post but holy crapola I’m excited about more books in this series and I’m barely 1/4 way through the first.

Week 2: Gauntlgrym by R.A. Salvatore and Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

I just finished Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard at work last week or the week before and I must say, for most of the book I was pretty unimpressed. It seemed like a not-so-subtle copycat of The Hunger Games to me, and I still partially consider it so. However, good grief that twist ending. I won’t spoil it! But it made me want to read that sequel ASAP so as soon as I finish The Cruel Prince, I will be moving on to Glass Sword post haste!

Week 3: Neverwinter – R.A. Salvatore and Eldest (Inheritance Cycle, Book 2) by Christopher Paolini

You can find a recount of my feelings about Eragon in my earlier 2017 Recap post, but I’m super excited to be continuing the series! I’m so late to the game, everyone feel free to laugh about it. I adore Gerard Doyle; he narrates another one of my grade school favorites, The Looking Glass Wars series by Frank Beddor. I do have a teeny bit of trouble not imagining Hatter and Alyss when he speaks but no worries! I’ll have four books to get used to it 🙂

Week 4: Mage Strike (The Enslaved Chronicles Book 2) – R.K. Thorne and The Hidden Masters of Marandur (The Pillars of Reality, Book 2) by Jack Campbell

I’ve spoken about both of these in my recap but I’m psyched to continue both of these series! Eeee!

There it is, folks. My March TBR! What’s on your TBR for the month? What are you currently reading? Drop your current favorites in the comments!

With Love,

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4 thoughts on “March TBR

  1. Cruel prince is in my tbr too, I’m currently trying Christopher Moore books , they are strange but hilarious!


  2. Omgg I adore The Cruel Prince too!! One of my TOP favourites of the year for sure.💛And Jude is just so badass and amazing?! I hate her dad and basically all the fey but like…they were also intoxicatingly interesting, so I understand why Jude loved the world. (Also Cardan is terrible but also INTRIGUING.) I hope you have fun with this epic line up of books!! I’m hoping to read the rest of the Lara Jean books this March and Scythe and Blue Lily Lily Blue!


    1. As of this moment, I’m less than five minutes from the end of the book. I don’t hate her father, but I definitely feel like the crown is much better off “where it is” than on his head. I need to check out your lineup, I’m looking for more YA fantasy to read alongside my D&D series 🙂


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