Why I Love Litsy


For those of you that are not Litsy users yourselves, I have great news! I assume that if you’re part of my regular viewership, you like books. I can’t believe I didn’t find this app sooner. Litsy is frequently described as “if Goodreads and Bookstagram had a baby” and what a completely accurate description of the place. For those of you yet unaware of the app, it’s a buzzing, bookish social network where every post is centered on a book and there are reviews and other self-described “Littens” aplenty! I first joined Litsy when I saw a post about it in the Page Habit facebook group, and I have never looked back. Here are just a few of the numerous reasons that I adore Litsy!

1. The Community

I do not exaggerate when I say that this may be the single most welcoming and sweet community I’ve joined thus far in my 26 years of life. Allow me to get a little emotional here, I joined Litsy sometime around late November, early December. Since joining, I have met upward of 20+ individual wonderful people that I now feel justified in calling my friends and there are countless more acquaintances that I just haven’t gotten the chance to get to know yet. When I say that I absolutely adore these lovely humans, I mean it. Which brings me to my next point…

2. Instant Contact With Other Bibliophiles That Share Your Interests

There are a thousand posts for every genre/topic. Do you like biographies? Angsty scene kid poetry reminiscent of your high school days? True crime or horror? And lord have mercy, if you like YA Fantasy, you will find yourself swimming in a TBR pile taller than you are. (More on that in a minute) No matter what you like, you will find a mini-community of sweet Littens waiting for you to fangirl/boy with for the rest of your days. (And if you happen to enjoy Dungeons and Dragons or Forgotten Realms, please join all three of us, we need more geeks!) Trust me. Your shelving will hate you for this. Speaking of shelves…

3.) Swaps! ALL THE SWAPS.

Coffee cup swaps, horror-themed Valentine’s Day swaps, Harry Potter swaps! I personally just sent off a Book and a Blanket Swap to a very sweet fellow southerner! I put as much pink Easter grass in it as I could fit because her favorite color is pink and I’m obnoxious like that. Upcoming around the end of March/beginning of April. I have a #FeedAReader swap and a #potterheadswap to send out too! The swaps on Litsy may actually be my favorite thing. I love gift giving, I always have. I live for Christmas and birthday shopping. So, you’re telling me I get to buy not only a gift for someone but I get to fill a box full of bookish things and then get to open one too?! Sold. Be sure to look out for an upcoming swap haul post where I show everything (not just books!) I’ve acquired from my various swaps! ❤

Somehow I get the feeling that I’ve communicated my love for Litsy enough, but just in case you aren’t totally convinced, feel free to come see for yourself and follow me at @blithebuoyant! ❤ You’ll see!

Which social network do you use to get your bookish social fix? Where do you find like-minded and similarly interested people? Let me know in the comments!

With Love,

Published by Blithe&Buoyant

I am a book-lover, an ardent crafter, a Texan, a part-time book blogger and a full time blithe and buoyant spirit.

10 thoughts on “Why I Love Litsy

      1. I’m probably in the right place now to appreciate them. I tried back in High School but was introduced by a friend in the gaming group who was way too into dark elves. :v


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