February & March Swap Haul

The past two months were full of Litsy swaps! (If you’re unfamiliar with Litsy, you can read more about it here.) Honestly, at times I felt like I had taken on too many but I loved each of them so much I just kept it up. I got and sent out a ton of cool stuff the past two months and I’d love to show you guys what all I got! I may actually have a bookshelf tour for you guys soon, something I had previously refused to do since I had no real bookshelf to speak of due to the number of audiobooks I consume in favor of paper books. My bookshelf is now close to teeming with YA novels, creepy tales and a single Harlequin Blaze that I picked up at Goodwill out of pure nostalgia for my early teen years. 😉 Without further ado, let’s get on to my very first swap ever, #MugLove!

Open date: February 1st

Photo Apr 08, 5 03 07 PM

This swap was sent to me by a super sweet girl from Louisiana around Mardi Gras, and BOY was I excited about that D20 mug! I gotta say, my favorite things in that swap were the Harry Potter pen, the cup and the super sweet Alice in Wonderland paper clips! ❤ I loved this swap a lot and how could she have possibly known how much I love Ferrero Rocher?

Open date: February 14th (just not for me!)

My Valentine’s Day swap was a bit of a bummer initially. My swap ghosted me (no hard feelings!) and at the last minute, a very sweet Litten that was running the swap arranged for a replacement. About a week later, I got this!

Photo Apr 08, 5 02 58 PM

I was so overwhelmed by the generosity of this lady! I alternate drinking my coffee and tea out of the Raven mug and the D20 from #MugLove! And THAT TEA BALL. I squealed out loud when I saw it! You can’t see it from the picture but that copy of The Rules Of Magic is SIGNED. ❤ I adored this package, I was so excited about it when I saw it next to the mailbox!

I thought surely that would be it but about a week after that, I got a box in the mail with an international shipping label on it. Obviously confused because I didn’t have a swap due, I saw that it had #LitsyLove written on the box and opened it up to find this, all the way from Italy!

Photo Apr 08, 5 02 56 PM

Let me tell you, that German chocolate is some of the best chocolate I’ve ever had and I immediately set to work reading that book! This sweet Litten sent me a second package for Valentine’s Day! Thanks so much to both of them for being my replacement Valentines! ❤

Open date: March 9th

I was SUPER excited about this swap, mostly because I adore blankets. And lemme tell you, this lovely lady delivered. The blanket I received has a permanent place on my bed A.) because it’s soft AF and B.) because it’s PURPLE. 😀 On open day, I pulled this out of the box!

Photo Apr 08, 5 47 15 PM

I have never even seen one of those book holders before but it’s super cool! It currently resides in my kitchen to hold open cookbooks but at some point, I’ll probably take it back from my mom and use it to knit and read at the same time. I’m about halfway through The Name Of The Wind and I’m totally digging it! More on that in my April recap at the end of the month.

Open date: March 31

I was stoked for this swap, obviously because I love food and I got a wonderful knodel recipe from a super cool German Litten. However, when I opened the box…

Photo Apr 08, 5 02 15 PM

YES. THAT IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. A HOGWARTS WAX SEAL KIT. Y’all, I about peed my pants when I opened that little gray box and found this thing. Hands down, one of the coolest things I’ve ever gotten in a swap! I can’t wait to make that knodel and I hope she makes the Texas sheet cake I sent her in her Texas-themed box so I can see it! I haven’t started The Bone Witch yet but it’s definitely on my TBR for April or May! Speaking of Hogwarts, though…

Open date: April 1st (Happy Birthday, Fred and George!)
As an avid Potterhead myself, I straight up could not skip this one. I just couldn’t. Now, I have to tell you a little story to explain something I got in this swap. #FeedAReader and #PotterheadSwap open dates were just a day apart. Therefore, those of us doing both were prepping for both in the weeks preceding the swaps. At some point, before I sent mine off, I commented on a post by what I thought was my FeedAReader match saying that her box would be on its way soon and “Hope you like pasta!” because I had found Texas shaped pasta at Kroger that I was about to go pick up for my match’s Texas-themed food box. An hour or so went by and as I was looking in my email for information about my matches, I realized I had commented on the post of my Potterhead match. I cleared up the confusion and jokes were made about pasta being a weird thing to send in a Potterhead swap. On the 1st, I opened this:

Photo Apr 08, 5 02 06 PM

I laughed so hard at that box of mac and cheese. It’s even funnier because I had already thrown a bag of Texas pasta in her box as a gag gift and a nod to the whole weird exchange. 😀 I really enjoyed this box, and my two-year-old niece enjoyed half my pocky and even some of that chili chocolate. I’m about halfway through Lost In A Book, which I had never even heard of but I am in love with it. I can’t wait to start A Darker Shade of Magic and color in my little postcards! Seriously, such a great box!

That’s it for February and March! Upcoming in May and June, I have #KeychainSwap, #KingsAndQueensSwap, and #SockSwap! I’m super excited!

Tell me in the comment your favorite item! Do you do Litsy swaps or any other kind of swap? Let me know in the comments!



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