Winter Recap and Spring TBR

Winter was a big time for me in the realm of literature! Two major releases, (and in my case, eagerly anticipated preorders), a few Litsy-inspired reads and now lots of good TBR books for this spring!

February & March Swap Haul

The past two months were full of Litsy swaps!

Why I Love Litsy

For those of you that are not Litsy users yourselves, I have great news! I assume that if you’re part of my regular viewership, you like books. I can’t believe I didn’t find this app sooner. Litsy is frequently described as “if Goodreads and Bookstagram had a baby” and what a completely accurate description ofContinue reading “Why I Love Litsy”

March TBR

Happy March my lovelies! I’ve been slow about it but here’s my very first TBR post so that y’all can hold me fully accountable for my book challenge this year! Seriously though. I’m determined to #readmyshelf this year so that 2019 can be the year of new things! Here’s the lineup that I’ve got forContinue reading “March TBR”

Top 3 Childhood Reads

Like many of you, my love for reading started young. In fact, at my grandparents’ house, there is a home video of me somewhere around three or four years old opening presents on Christmas morning and as I open a particularly large, heavy box, I squeal “MAMA IT’S BOOKS. SANTA BROUGHT ME BOOKS!” Fun fact:Continue reading “Top 3 Childhood Reads”

Book vs Movie P1 – Gone With The Wind

We all know the jokes about mediocre (or worse) movie adaptations. You’ve heard the comments too, I’m sure. “Did you see that movie? It didn’t do the book justice! I have much better ideas about this than the director who is being paid for his years of success and expertise!” I’m paraphrasing but you getContinue reading “Book vs Movie P1 – Gone With The Wind”

2018 TBR & Read My Shelf Challenge

Another year, another thousand books I “meant to read.” I do not exaggerate when I say that every single January, I PROMISE myself I’m going to read on some kind of schedule and pack as many books into this brain as I can and every year, I fail miserably at it. This year, I haveContinue reading “2018 TBR & Read My Shelf Challenge”